UPS Li Ion Battery Backup System

As UPS requirement is different from other device, usually operate a few minutes occasionally,  its concern is lighter weight , smaller volume, highly reliable, safe and long life expectancy.

Compared with VRLA, Li-ion battery can achieve these requirements more probably, as Li-ion battery have the features as below:

  1. higher energy and power density
  2. with sophisticated BMS accessories
  3. long life span, reducing the battery replacement cost and maintenance risk.

Price :


Wireless charge Pack 25.9V 2.2Ah +BMS+Connector

*Voltage: 25.9V

*Capacity: 2200mAh 

*assembling with protect circuit board wrapped by PVC shrinking sleeve

*Max charging current: 5A

*Max discharging current: 5A

*Charging Temperature:0~45℃

*Discharging Temperature:-20~60℃

*Humidity range:0~85%(non-condensing)

* Protect against over charge, over discharge, short circuit and over current

*Cycle Life:300cycles

* Safety performance: battery pack comply with UL and IEC standards 

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